Seroquel 25

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Seroquel 25

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and apply it quickly. Clothes poicder. Pipeclay Seroquel 25 lib. 8 oz., pip. alb., amyli, ana 1 oz., rad. irid. Flor. 1 oz. 5iv, S. V. R. 2 oz. Clothes ball. Pipeclay 2lb., Fullers' earth, whiting, ana 4 oz., pip. alb. 2 oz., fel bovis 4 oz. ; used for cleaning clothes. Breeches ball. Bath brick lib., pipeclay 2lb., pumice stone powder 4 oz., ox gall 6 oz. ; they may be coloured with rose pink, yellow ochre, umber, Irish slate, &c., to any desired shade. Essential salt of lemons. Crem. tart. 4 oz., sal. acetosellae 8 oz., used to take iron moulds out of linen. Silvery boilinc/ poicder. White argol, common salt, alum, of each lib. : plate boiled in water with a little of this powder acquires a brilliant whiteness. Plate poioder. Hydrarg. c. cretse 1 oz., cretse pp. 4 oz. 2. Polisher's putty, corn. cerv. ust. ana 8 oz., whiting lib. Silvering powder. Silver dust gr. xv xx, cream of tartar, com- mon salt, ana 5ij, alum 5ss. 2. Silver dust ^ss, common salt, sal ammoniac, ana pj, corros. sublimate ^j ; make into a paste with water : used to silver copper, which is to be cleaned by boiling with argol and alum, then rub it with either of these powders, and polish with soft leather. 1 477 XII. OILY OR GREASY COMPOUNDS. COMPOUND OILS. FOR MEDICAL USE. Oil of roses by infusion, Oleum rosacewn, 01. rosm. Rose petals, not fully blown, picked, heeled, and beat to a pulp, 4 oz., olive oil 1 pint ; expose to the sun for a week, press out the oil, repeat the insolation with fresh roses twice more, then leave the roses in the oil for use. Oil of camomile by infusion, Oleum Seroquel 25 chamcemelinum. From the flowers, as that of roses ; used in sprains. Oil of St. John's wort, Oleum hypericin Bah. hyp. simp, Flor. hyper. 5iv, ol. Seroquel 25 oliv^e lb. ij ; infuse till the oil is well coloured. B. hyp. fact. Ol. viride, rendered paler by adding rape oil. 2. Ol. oliv. comm. 1 gall., rad. anchusse 8 oz ; vulnerary. Oil of white lilils. Oleum liUorum. As oil of roses ; emol- lient : 01. oliv. is usually sold for it. Oil of earth worms, Oleum lumhricorum. Lumb. terr. lb. ss, ol. oliv. lb. ij, vini albi lb. ss ; boil till the wine is consumed, then press. Ol. l. fact. 01. olivifi com., ol. lini, ana lb. j. Oil of elder flowers. Oleum samhucinum. Fl. sambuci lb. j, ol. oliv. lb. ij ; boil till crisp, press out the oil, and let it settle: emollient. Seroquel 25 Grekn elder oil, ol samljuci viride. Elder leaves, fresh, lb. j, olive oil 2 pints, boil till the leaves are crisp, press out the oil, and Seroquel 25 put it on the fire again until it acquires a fine green colour. Exeter oil, OL Exccstremc. Ol. viride lb. xvj ; euphorb. - .ina{>eos, - castor, pyrethri, of each 5j. Oil of mucilages, OL e wvcilaf/iuih'is. iiad. altha-ae rec. lb. 88, seni. lini, sem. foeni Gracci, ana ^iij, aquie lb. ij ; boil for half an hour, add ol. oliva* lb. iv, continue boiling till the water is nearly consumed, pour off the oil. 2. Rad. althyLfu rec. 4lb., sem. fcenugr., sem. lini, ana i^lb., a mixture of common olive oil, sperm oil, and seal oil, in equal parts, 4 galls. 3. iSem. fcenugr. Seroquel 25 8 oz., oL lini 2 pints ; infuse for a week, strain : very emollient. 478 xiii. OILY compounds- Green OIL, 01 viride. Fol. lauri, fol. rutae, fol. majoran., fol. absinth, mar., fol. chamaemeli, all fresh, ana pij, ol. oliv. lb. ij ; boil till crisp, press out the oil and let it settle ; emollient. Oil of scorpions, 01. scorpionum. Live scorpions, Seroquel 25 no. 30, ol. amygd. lb. ij ; expose to the sun for forty days: centipedes are usually substituted for scorpions, as being more easily procurable ; externally emollient, internally diaphoretic, occasioning a prickly heat on the skin. Camphorated oil, Linimentnm camphorcs^ 01. camphoratum, Camphorae ^ss, ol. olivar. Seroquel 25 ^ij ; dissolve : anodyne, discutient ; the only compound oil in the present pharmacopoeia, although all the preceding are in esteem with private practitioners. Balsam of sulphur, Balsamum sulphuris simplex^ 01. sulphu- ratiim, P. L. Fl. sulph. ^iv, ol. olivae ^xvj. Ol. sulphur atum, P. E. Fl. sulph. 5ij, ol. olivae ^xvj ; dissolve. 2. Fl. sulph. 3lb., ol. lini 4 galls. ; dissolve by boiling. Balsamum sulphuris Barbadense. Petroleum sulphuratum. Petrol. Bbd. ^xvj, fl. sulph. 3iij ; detergent to ulcers. Bals. sulph. anisatum. Fl. sulph. 1 oz., ol. anisi 4 02. ; dissolve. 2. Bals. sulph. simp, scented with ol. anisi; pectoral, gtt. X to XXX. Common Dutch drops, Bah. sulph. terehinthinatum. Fl.
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